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Always dress like you’re going to see your worst enemy.
Kimora Lee Simmons



It’s All Black & White

Perhaps not the best motto to use when it comes to life, but it is perfect for fashion. Classic monochrome never goes out of style, and it cropped up all over the runways during #NYFW last month. And what’s not to love about a color combo that can make you look fabulous during any occasion? […]...

Halloween Nail Art

We’re half way through October already (I know, right?!), so if you’re wanting to get all glammed up for Halloween, you have got start laying down plans now. The whole thing can be downright stressful; the least we can do is help you look absolutely fabulous for All Hallows’ Eve. Here are some nail art […]...

Top 5 Fall Hair Colors

The advent of fall brings a lot of changes with it besides different colored leaves. You have to change your wardrobe to ward off the impending chill. You have to change up your beauty products to match the new colors of the season. But what about your hair? It deserves an update as well beyond […]...