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Cocktail Inspired Fashion: Match Your Drink to Your Dress

As every fashionista knows, accessories can make or break an outfit. Like your favorite piece of jewelry, a signature cocktail can be a perfect accessory on date night or an evening out with the girls. Here are a few party dresses to match your drink of choice. Martini Like a little black dress, the classic […]...

A Work of Art

With the Christmas holidays officially over, don’t let the winter doom and gloom get you down. It’s time to start thinking about what the New Year will bring: the chances, the possibilities, the promises. Step into the New Year with one of our fabulous celebrity-inspired dresses. We’ve chosen a few gorgeous dresses that will keep you looking picture perfect in the […]...

3 Scents To Try In The New Year

Have you considered trying a new fragrance in the New Year? Scent is interwoven with memory, and a sultry, romantic perfume will evoke a powerful arrangement of emotions. So, go lightly when you spritz yourself with that powerful cocktail! As you decide what perfume you want, remember that every fragrance has a unique layering of notes […]...