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Summer Must Haves

By Uptown Girl

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We are completely overflowing with plans for dreamy days, moonlit nights, and all the absolutely fabulous accessorizing that goes along with Summer.


Getting ready for summertime fills us with a warm glow inside.

It comes from knowing that there are poolside parties, long days with friends in the sunshine, and lasting memories to be made!


So in order to be ready, we are jumping into summer 2014 with all our must haves.


1) Flower Delicacy Recipe

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Flowers are part of what make summer so irresistible!

Give your parties a pretty accent with floral cupcakes!


2) Mint Maxi Dress

mint ug

We already know that mint, or hemlock as it is donned this summer by all the color institutes, is a “yes-please!” item.

Cool off in this Mint N ‘Chip Maxi Dress from Uptowngirl.



3) Fashion Forward Summer Floppy Hat

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Long summer days never felt so good! Your stylized floppy hat is beyond compare.



4) Princess Pink Summer Wristlet 

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 10.42.05 AM

It’s time to go out and get your adorable chic on with friends.
Princess pink is THE only option.

Uptowngirl‘s Princess Pink Wristlet has you covered fashionista!



5)Retro Glamorous Sunglasses

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Retro is so now.


The sun is shining and there is nothing stopping you from having fun!
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Let us know how you plan to get your summer started!


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