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Winter Lip Routine: Morning & Night

By Ajableu Oldham

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Though the holiday may be full of warmth and joy, the winter weather is cold and harsh. Cold temperatures, snowy weather, and heated rooms cause your skin and lips to crack and peel. Have you adjusted your lipstick routine?

We hope so. If not, we’ve put together a few guidelines to help you look your very best during the holidays – morning and night.


Morning Lip Balm

This holiday season, as you rush from work to lunch meetings to the store and back again, you want to look your best with minimal effort.

Apply a pink, red, or berry-tinted lip balm that will hydrate your lips and give your face a bit of life. Tinted lip balm has a lower concentration of color than full lipstick, but it gives you smooth, healthy looking-lips with a beautiful sheen.

We recommend choosing a balm that also has SPF and UVA protection, in case you decide to throw snowballs in the winter sun.

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Evening Lip Color

In the evening, apply a deeper shade of red or burgendy using a cream lipstick. Cream lipstick will keep your lips hydrated and will provide a smooth, satiny feel. Apply your cream lipstick using lip liner and a lip brush for an even, professional looking appearance.

In order to ensure a smooth application, remember to exfoliate your lips — in case you find yourself under the mistletoe.

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